Updating you on Ron’s health.

E-Newsletter May 2017

Updating you on Ron’s health and art progress

If you have been following Ron on Facebook then you know he has been sick.  If not, you may also be wondering why he has been so slow with the posts of his painting progress.  We just want to let you know that Ron had an emergency operation in March, where the doctor found and removed a tumor on his bladder.  ALL IS NOW GOOD! He has to go through some treatments as a precautionary measure so he can be around longer to paint those beautiful works of art for us to enjoy and to keep us all laughing with his daft sense of hilarity. (my favourite thing about him 🙂 )

He, of course, expected to bounce right back and be at his easel painting the next week and is very frustrated that he is not able to be consistent.  He goes for treatments every Tuesday for six weeks, each week seems to be a whole new adventure.  Today is number five, so only one more to go, but they can zap his energy for almost the entire week.

Canada 150th

It is fun to try and pick out all of Canadian clues and objects that Ron is adding to this painting. This is not the finished painting – there is more Canadiana to be added.




He certainly thought he would have more painting done by now.  He is almost finished the Canada 150th and will start right into our RONSTOCK give-away right after that so don’t worry, our RONSTOCK event will still be happening as planned on June 17th & 18th.  The piece he is giving away this year will be of Boblo Island!  Mark that date on your calendar so you don’t miss out on receiving this piece of art for FREE.  And there’s a special bonus to go with that.


The first 80 people to order a frame for their FREE limited edition Boblo art will get an original 1968 Boblo ticket incorporated into the mat of your framing. The piece is a nice size similar to the shape and size of Checker Flag.  Framing will start at $195, if you want to reserve your Boblo Bonus, give me a call and we can take a deposit to make sure you get one of these tickets with your print, 519-776-5767.  As always, I will have different colours and choices of frames at our event so no worries, you can make those detailed choices later. Check out the samples pictures below

I will send you your official RONSTOCK invitation for your FREE print at a later date so watch your email for it.  (Not on my email list? – Send us your information to greatart@suchiu.com)

Thanks for your understanding in Ron’s slow painting progress. He should be back on track soon and painting to his hearts content.

As always, we love to hear your comments and questions, so don’t be shy.

Talk to you soon,

Colleen Suchiu

Original 1968 Boblo Tickets

We will add a Boblo ticket to your frame.

Boblo Print will be similar size to Checker-flag






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