Blues Brothers in PURE BLUES – signed by Dan Aykroyd


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I was invited to Toronto a couple of years ago by my Eco-hero and good friend Dr. David Suzuki to attend a 20th-anniversary party for the Roots Company. It promised to be an exciting one with many celebrity guests expected to show. The evening was held at an enchanting art-deco style lakeside ballroom on the night of one of those rare blue moons that happen once every twenty years or so. It made the sky look clean black-blue and allowed the stars to twinkle with uncommon brilliance; tiny puffy clouds were dressed in silver linings and the lake was a mass of glitter like a scene from an old Bogie film, only in living color.

Inside was rockin’ with six or seven different recording artists on the agenda… quite the party!

One thing I’ll never forget is when Dan Aykroyd came in and made his way through the crowd; he was a head taller than everyone around him. Every eye in the room turned on him and all the news cameras swung as if to light his path… then he disappeared.

About twenty minutes later one of the great Toronto blues bands, Big Sugar, was doing their stuff when all of a sudden “poof!”… Elwood was on stage. He took a moment to whisper a few words to the band and for the next four tunes, I felt absolutely compelled to memorize every sight and sound of his bluesy “give ’em all you got” performance. While watching Elwood sway and command the entire group on stage with a glance here, a nod there, you could see exactly why the Blues Brothers were such an electrifying act! The undeniable confidence that Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi had in the movie (and as world-class live entertainers) was very obvious and absolutely intact.

For a few fleeting moments that evening, the Blues Brothers were back… although Jake seemed to always be out of view on the opposite side of the stage from me, he was there.

In those few exciting moments I was not only bitten by the blues bug but the concept of “Pure Blues” was driven into my subconscious as a project I was meant to do.

In closing I must say thank you Elwood for the inspiration… and John… this one’s for you.


A very special “Private Edition Pure Blues” series is available, as seen above. Each includes an incredible frame, a pair of real Blues Brothers’ sunglasses given to Ron by Elwood, and a unique Blues Mobile remarque offered only in this package!

Suchiu puts the blue in the blues If you really want something unique, Suchiu is allowing only 150 hand-painted remarques to be sold for “PURE BLUES”

The remarque is a small original hand-sketched and colorized painting of Elwood’s glasses and Louisiana saxophone. It is placed at the bottom right-hand side of your print by the artist.

If you are an avid Blues Brothers collector… it doesn’t get any better than this!

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