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Sting in “CHECKMATE”

This is an enchanting story of “good wins over evil”. The Suchiuistic scene takes place on the valley floor of Victoria Falls, Africa. The chessboard was once an awesome raging river, but because of the greedy games people play, without concern for the environment, the river has now been converted into a playground which is intended, by its builders, to display the ultimate show of decadents.

The blue King and Queen represent nature, pure as the snow. They are good. The King, in the likeness of the musical superstar Sting, intentionally resembles several heroes with a superman stance, Batman cape, Robin Hood boos, and even Roy Roger’s gloves. The powerful couple has just taken full control of the game and has the bad King in Checkmate. You will also notice that the good King is too large for the game board square he is standing on, meaning that between man and nature there is no contest, goodwill ultimately wins over evil.

The darker players are all greedy corporations and vicious corporate leaders of the world. The castle tower is the Rook of medieval times and represents earlier forms of ruthless human greed. If you look carefully you will see the knight (the horse’s head), in the foreground. It is built of today’s technology, computer controls appear in its rusting damaged base. In its defeat, it has broken and fallen over. The evil-looking dark King is constructed of, turn of the century, early industrial technology. His bottom half is in the form of a sawdust burner from a high volume, forest devouring, lumber yard. He wears many symbols of evil; saw-blades as his crown, black rhino horns on his shoulders, Satan’s trident on his back, six souls (the unredeemed Scrooges of the world) hang on his person for on excruciating eternity. Ronald Suchiu the painting’s creator was born at 3:33 am. Note on the evil king the equation 333 x 2. This equals 666, which is the representational number for the Devil himself.

There is a sleeping dragon on the monolith of rock in the background; Ronald uses it to represent all the endangered and extinct animal species of the world. It has been a little known fact that Ronald Suchiu is infatuated with dragons. His ancestors, being from mystical Transilvania, spoke of much ancient folklore leaving him inbred with incredible tales and magical inner visions.

The good players in Checkmate have won, the game is complete, and nature is already beginning to take back what belongs to it. The game board is starting to crack and crumble in the foreground and it is falling back into the river. New growth and vines are just starting to grow over the evil knight as the castle tower decays.

Ronald’s dear friend Dr. David Suzuki once told him “If all of the men left the face of the earth, nature would flourish. We need nature it does not need us”.

“Checkmate” is hand-signed by Sting and the artist.

Suchiu’s work goes into detail that is so fine that most people who see his art for the first time are amazed. Some of the portraits that he has put into his paintings are as small as your baby fingernail!

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