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“Paint it Black” featuring the Rolling Stones
is the first painting of seven in Suchiu’s
new mega-collectable series “The Seven
Surreal Wonders of Suchiu”.

This series will spawn a total of only 50
museum quality giclee reproductions of each
of the seven exciting surreal artworks by
Ronald Suchiu.

Suchiu is quickly becoming know as one of the
premier surreal artist of our time.

A major portion of this first release sold in
the first two days of its release at a very
private unveiling with Suchiu’s personal
clients and collectors.

This rare collectors series is so uncommonly
small in the volume of copies released that
it is being used as a marketing case study by
an international art marketing and branding

Even “pre-release” contracts have been
created and approved by the publisher to
allow the more serious collectors the ability
to book all seven pieces, with the same
number, in advance of the paintings actual
being created and released.

The term “if you snooze you lose” is bang on
with the sense of urgency that this series
conjures up.

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Artist Proofs, Press Proofs, Signed & Numbered

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