RONSTOCK 2019 – June 15th & 16th – 10 am to 4 pm

RONSTOCK 2019 – Free Rum Runner Art – June 15th & 16th, Fathers Day Weekend- Don’t Miss It!

Mark these dates on your calendar so you do not miss out on FREE ART at this year’s RONSTOCK.  And, this year Ron has the biggest announcement of his career to tell you!

For those of you who have never been fortunate enough to attend RONSTOCK, this is what to expect … Free Food, Free Art, Free Entertainment and loads of FUN!  We have been inviting our customers and anyone else that they want to bring to our yearly customer appreciation weekend for over 25 years.  We barbecue up the best hot-dogs, offer cold refreshments including slushies (mmmm- brain freeze!) along with relaxing live entertainment.  And best of all, Ron produces new art and gives you a limited edition print absolutely FREE!

You can meet other art collectors and see new paintings and chat with Ron…ask him anything! We will have lots of framing specials so bring in any art, photos, hockey jerseys or whatever you have been meaning to get framed.  What one place can you have lunch for free, listen to live music, view great art, receive free art gifts, have a few laughs and frame your treasures—whew—?  Ask around, everyone will tell you, it’s SUCHIU ART’s RONSTOCK! It has become one of our county’s premier annual social events!

We pride ourselves on not being a stuffy art gallery.  We are down to earth, like to get to know our customers (Ron calls them his extended Suchiu family) and we love to share stimulating conversation and laughter. We encourage you to bring your family and friends to share in the fun and receive a Free art gift.


This year’s line-up:

  • This year’s FREE print is the Boblo Amusement Park ($125.00 value). Join the Ronald Suchiu Facebook and watch him paint it!
  • View 3 New Paintings: Canada 150th complete with artifact, The Magic Bus – with psychedelic bus in frame and Boblo Amusement Park
  • The Corvette Club will be here  Saturday with some fabulous vehicles.
  • Missing any past free prints? If there are any left from previous years, we will give you the print for free ($75 to $125 value) when you frame it with us.

Boblo Amusement Park—85 years of memories! Free For You.

Want an original Boblo ride ticket from 1968 in your frame?  We only have 80 so read on then call us to reserve yours now!

Even if you are not from this area you probably remember going to an amusement park.  Boblo  Amusement Park was an unusual venue that ran from 1898 to 1993.  It was on the island located on the southern end of the Detroit River between Canada and the United States, just before the mouth of Lake Erie.

Millions of Americans and Canadians share memories of riding the Swan Boats or the train that circled the park. For the more daring, there was the Whip, Wild Mouse, Tilt-a-Whirl, and Dodge’em Cars, or the signature rides; the Nightmare, Falling Star, Sky Streak and Screamer. For most people though,  the best ride of the day was on the “Bob-Lo boat” or the “Papoose” that took visitors to and from the island.

With much urging from our customers, Ron is now painting the Boblo Amusement Park and will be giving this as his FREE limited edition art gift to each person/household* that comes to this annual event. Since the amusements were spread across this 2.5 mile island Ron gets to use his artistic license to make the story fit the picture. He decided to place some favorite rides just behind the most remembered point of the island. The place we all watched for on the boat ride over was the barge that read “Welcome to Boblo Canada”.

1968 Boblo Tickets

How to get an original Boblo Ticket for your print.

Not only will you get this beautiful colored limited edition print, but you will be able to take advantage of our great framing prices we have that day. And you know we always come up with something unique that you never find anywhere else. With the help of one of our art collectors Ron acquired 80 original Boblo ride tickets from 1968 which we will put into those first framed pieces to be ordered! Just call us give us a small deposit of $50. so we know you are committed and then choose your frame at Ronstock.

I can’t make it to RONSTOCK but want this framed with an original ticket.

We hear this every year.  “I’ll be on vacation, the dog chewed the tires off my car, my husband… let’s just stop there. LOL We get it, life doesn’t always run smooth, in fact if you are like me, most of my days seem to be “under construction”. But to make it fair to those who do come and share in the Day’s laughter, we have a solution for those who don’t.

Call and pay for your framing (starting price of $190.00) and you will get the $125 limited edition print for FREE, plus an original Boblo ticket in your framing. You can come in after RONSTOCK and choose from the pieces we have framed.  If there is a price difference we can adjust it then.

It is a sweet $125 valued gift from Ron Suchiu that he creates,  paints, prints and packages for his cherished collectors. I bet you have never heard of any other artist who does that for their collectors?

This is Ron Suchiu with only half of the tubes used to package the free prints.


Make sure and mark this date on your calendar and make it a recurring date as we have been doing this every Father’s Day weekend for the past 25+ years!

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