Evolution of a Dream

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There is no other Suchiu painting like Evolution of a Dream in which the unrestrained creativity of the Wizard of Art materializes. Suchiu calls this method of creating art without the influence of outside expectations freeform and defines it as fun, creative, and spiritually rewarding.

Suchiu’s Evolution Of A Dream painting and limited edition print series is a tribute to the undeniable strength of women. Especially to those who have shaped him into the world-renowned artist he is today, nurturing his confidence and nudging him along to pursue his dream of artistry.

Suchiu depicts a total of five female figures in the painting: the main subject donned in jester garments projecting the strength that can be found in humor, the balance of good and evil, right and wrong are projected by employing the angel and devil on a tree stump making the second and third, and a fourth and fifth are left unrevealed for the viewer to discover on their own.

Limited edition prints from the highly restricted Evolution Of A Dream production series, and the original painting are currently available for sale.

Evolution Of A Dream belongs on that blank wall of yours that is thirsting for a pop of color and character, while at the same time fitting seamlessly amongst existing eclectic art collections, demonstrating the diversity of both the artist’s work and his collectors.


Available print types:

  • 350 Signed & Numbered 30″x18″
  • 50 Artist’s Proof 30″x18″
  • 10 Printer’s Proof 30″x18″

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Framing Options

Artist's Choice Frame #1

Hand Finished Natural Wood

Size of framed Evolution of a Dream print is 43.5″w x 31″h.

Every Suchiu Art frame is hand-selected by the artist using only archival-grade, museum-quality materials designed to preserve and promote the lifetime value and quality of the artwork.

All Suchiu Art frames are hand-crafted, cut, assembled, and finished under the scrutiny of Suchiu and his certified Master Framer, making each frame a work of art in itself.

The Hand Finished Natural Wood frame elevates your print with a textured accent and fits seamlessly into any rustic interior decor. Each frame has been hand-finished by Suchiu Art professionals and inspected by the artist, increasing the aesthetic function and overall value of the art piece  

Artist's Choice Frame #2

Cool Raven Black

Size of framed Evolution of a Dream print is 42.5″w x 30″h.

This stylish, sleek profile Contemporary Frame accentuates the drama of the art piece while preserving the artwork's lifetime quality and protecting its value with archival-grade, museum-quality materials hand-selected by the artist.

All Suchiu Art frames are hand-crafted, cut, assembled, and finished under the scrutiny of Suchiu and his certified Master Framer, making each frame a work of art in itself.

Unframed Ltd Edition Print

Our Suchiu Art custom framing department has a huge variety of custom frames available through direct contact. Email us or call us directly for one-on-one design assistance at 1.519.776.5767.

All prints whether framed or unframed are shipped to you with an official certificate of authenticity.



Hand-drawn Custom Remarque

Hi, I thank you for visiting all of my art pieces.

If you order the custom remarque, I will hand sketch and colorize it on the lower margin, especially for you personally. These small art pieces are actual original artworks and are signed by me.

There is no better way to enhance the presentation and the value of the Suchiu Art in your collection.  ~Ron Suchiu~

The painting of this piece

See the painting of this piece, or maybe even learn a little bit more about the details and stories it contains! Find more videos like this one on the Suchiu Art Youtube channel.


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