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As far as we know; this is the first and only time this exact concept has been laid down on canvas. It certainly comes as no surprise, knowing that it is one of Ron Suchiu’s creations. In this surreal piece, he’s depicted four super artists, each with their own canvases. Each artist is painting their interpretation of the background scenery, as influenced by Salvador Dali, in their own unique style that they’ve come to be world-renowned for.

From left to right, we have Andy Warhol, who has used stencils and silk-screening to duplicate scenes in his piece. Next, Norman Rockwell who is not known for surrealism, has re-imagined the scene with a light and lively touch by including a child running with a kite. Thirdly, Van Gogh has depicted the sky in his typical heavy brush-mark impressionism; many have commented they see Starry Night in the sky that Suchiu’s Van Gogh has illustrated. Last, but not least, in Jackson Pollock’s drip-fashion, he’s reproduced the scene before him in wild but intricate paint drizzles. Many know Pollock for infamously performing his drip paintings with the canvas on the ground. If you look at the bottom righthand corner of this piece, you’ll catch a touch of Suchiu’s humour in the remnants of Jackson’s creation on the desert ground to symbolize his method, followed by “J. Pollock was here.”

The painting is complex and the layers of time tested oil colors begin to wrap themselves in a story that folds into itself as you examine it deeper and deeper. To truly enjoy this piece we ask you to visit the video by clicking on the button above and get to know it and the artist Ron Suchiu better… go ahead we know you will find it very interesting. And check out the extremely low quantity of production on this piece guarantying to become a real treasure.

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