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Synergy #3 Jordan John (Canvas)


The very same day that we worked with Prakash John we also did a project with his son Jordan John. I find it funny but I’m sure a few of you might find it confusing that quite a few times in this book I’ve used said the word “we” when you would normally expect me to be saying “I”. Let me explain, real quick right now before we move on. When folks first get the chance to meet me, usually within a very short period of time, I will make sure that they understand that there are two parts to me that I intentionally keep in check. I make certain they understand that when they speak to me firsthand about my art, my personal life and my talent, etc they actually talking to the person Ronnie or Ron. But as the artist when I work on behalf of my brand and company Suchiu Art they are basically involving themselves with different people.

Available Print Types:

  • 225 Signed & Numbered 30″x30″
  • 50 Artist’s Proof  30″x30″
  • 10 Printer’s Proof 34″x34″

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Framing Options

Artist's Choice Frame #1

Hand Finished Natural Wood

Size of framed Synergy #3 Signed & Numbered and Artist’s Proof print is 35″w x 35″h.

Size of framed Synergy #3 Signed & Numbered and Artist’s Proof print is 35″w x 35″h.

Your print comes to you ready to hang. Our professional in house framers gallery wrap your art piece by hand and mount it securely inside this elegantly finished floater frame.

This frame is available for your choosing in either Chinese Red or semi gloss Carbon Black.

Unframed Ltd Edition Print

Our certified in-house picture framer will personally gallery-wrap your art piece on a high-quality, custom-built stretcher bar. 


Hand-drawn Custom Remarque

Hi, I thank you for visiting all of my art pieces.

If you order the custom remarque, I will hand sketch and colorize it on the lower margin, especially for you personally. These small art pieces are actual original artworks and are signed by me.

There is no better way to enhance the presentation and the value of the Suchiu Art in your collection.  ~Ron Suchiu~

The painting of this piece

See the painting of this piece, or maybe even learn a little bit more about the details and stories it contains! Find more videos like this one on the Suchiu Art Youtube channel.


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