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So what made this, the most famous of road trip buses “Further”, so magical?

Before I explain my theory let me first tell you, in case you don’t already know, that I am a self-proclaimed logicist if in fact there is such a thing.

As I was painting The Magic Bus I began to get this strange feeling inside of me that I have witnessed before with several of my past painting projects Sting, Metamorphosis, Pure Blues, Juxtacompositioning, and a few more.

Deep down inside I get this feeling that there is an unexpected and unexplained sense of spirituality. I now believe that this is in part is what makes me so driven to do the art I do.

Now, for the first time, I have taken the time to deeply examine those feelings to try and figure out and explain to you what that tingling in my soul was all about. And in turn, maybe you will better understand the wild diversity of Suchiu Art.

I do feel a little timid to say this. I believe I have now discovered that way down in the depth of my own personality there is a true type of magic that exists in the world. And so I gave it a name that should instantly aid you on your way to understand it. I call it the OZ Factor.

So, what is the main basis of the OZ factor, and what makes it happen?

I think that when I am painting I am actually channeling the synergistic talent(s) of those of whom I am portraying and also the true story behind the art piece. That’s right, not the story that I have made up to compose the piece but the actual one that caused the artwork to happen in the first place.

Let’s look at everything that is going on in The Magic Bus Piece.

The real story, in short, of the bus, Further starts with the famous American author Ken Kesey who is renowned for his mega-bestseller novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Kesey, in the mid-sixties, was involved in US government experiments of the very powerful hallucinatory drug LSD which was, believe it or not, legal at the time.

It sounds like pure science fiction but the drug was being developed to be given to America’s military leaders to greatly enhance their mind’s creativity and give them a vast strategic edge in battle.

Well anyway, Kesey felt that the testing the government was doing was off track so he decided to head out on his own to prove the drug’s real potential.

The first thing he did was to get together a group of his best creative-minded friends for what would end up to be a very famous road trip that would end up having a huge influence on the youth of the world and alter many social facets of those days and of what we are today.

So, as this group known as the Merry Pranksters headed from San Francisco to New York City and back again they would stop at the end of the day to a preplanned party. These parties became known as Electric Kool-Aid Acid Tests. Many famous creative people joined in on these “parties” as the group made their way from coast to coast and back again. I am certain you can fill in between the lines as to what happened on this amazing journey.

One of the catchphrases that came out of this trip was “On the bus”. The term is easily explained that if you were truly involved in the freedom movement at the time you were basically against most social rules.

So, if you were a rebel for freedom, a flower child, or as we better know those people as Hippies you were “On the Bus”. But, if or when you sold out to society or the “the man” you would be classed as “Off the Bus”. You will still hear this phrase being used in similar situations to this day.

So, l let me end the “real” story here and get back to the meat of this article the “magic” part.

My story is:

It’s been a long wild journey in the Magic Bus all the way from Francisco to New York and three-quarters of the way back. The bus is now traveling through the lower western states. It’s getting late and time to find a place to spend the night.

Someone had mentioned how close the route has taken them to the Grand Canyon so a vote is taken and everyone looked forward to an overnight camp on the southern ridge of the canyon. They pulled up and set up a few pup tents, built a fire within the circle of rocks that had been left by some prior tenants.

Could you imagine being there as Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Ken Kesey, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Timothy Leary, Andy Warhol, and Jimi Hendrix scampered off the bus and join in at the fire for a singalong? Unbelievable!

In my scene, Janis is teaching everyone a song that she had coming out on her new album “Me and Bobby McGee”. Unfortunately, she was not around when the album was released and made her a superstar.

I know you have probably figured out that none of the timelines for these people match up with the actual story but that is what I was saying earlier about the deep magic that goes into my paintings.

You see it’s not the actual story that counts it is how I was influenced by it. It’s that tiny sparky flash that goes on in my subconscious that tells me that a few very important people who existed in my lifetime are desperately calling out to become part of my story.

Call me crazy but I am totally convinced that the teeny tiny speck of energy that I feel is real magic and it becomes absolutely life-changing to me. Don’t ask me why but somehow I get a sense of hope for doing what I’ve been allowed to do.

My true hope is that if you take a few moments and ponder my art pieces you too might just experience that little twinge that makes art to me so worthy of committing my life to it.

PS: There is so much more in this story that I cannot cover here but we will be adding a more in-depth story in the near future. Keep an eye out on our office Suchiu Art Blog for it our friend us on Facebook to receive updates.

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