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The Magic Bus by Suchiu Art is an ultra-rare painting and limited edition print series featuring a handful of influential icons of the hippy movement, particularly spanning the years between 1960-1970. From right to left, you will find: Andy Warhol, Jimi Hendrix, Timothy Leary, Jack Nicholson, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Ken Kesey, Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia.

Capturing realism and surrealism in a single image, Suchiu depicts a scene he has reimagined from the true events that defined the culture of this time, such as: the bus Further, Woodstock, the Grateful Dead, the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test tours, The Factory of Andy Warhol and so much more.

To make this spectacular limited edition print series even better, Suchiu has also worked directly with Ken Kesey’s son Zane to obtain the toy models of Further he has hand-painted. Every limited edition print is produced on the highest-quality cotton rag stock paper, encased in a beautiful, archival, museum-quality frame. All Suchiu Art is framed in-house under the scrutiny of the artist and master framer to achieve the highest caliber of quality presently available on the market.

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“A Little Furthur” hand-painted by Zane Kesey, authentication.







The Magic Bus certificate of authenticity sample.


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Artist Proofs, Press Proofs, Signed & Numbered

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