The Wizard of Art (1st edition pre-order)


A high quality, hard cover 12 inch by 12 inch signed and numbered first edition coffee-table book.

This beautiful, high quality art book is being offered as a once in a lifetime collectible creation, written and produced by none other than our internationally renowned artist Suchiu.

It includes large high resolution pictures of almost every painting that is found in Suchiu’s vast repertoire and includes a description and many surreal, fun and exciting related stories of many of the art works within its pages.

Suchiu and his talent has been classified by two of his county’s Prime Ministers as national treasure. He has been entitled a “Genius in Diversity” by three major art magazines and even the head designer for America’s most famed sports car Corvette has used the same reference to describe his abilities.

His art is in prominent collections in over 60 counties and has been acquired by the Vatican, HRM Queen Elizabeth II, many famed celebrities such as Jim Carry, Dan Aykroyd, Dr Jane Goodall and many, many more.

Now you have the opportunity to become Suchiu savvy and understand why his work has been place in a category entirely of its own.

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Book stand promotion ends July 31st
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Premier Hand-Built Book Stand…

July Promotion

This is “One very special book stand”.

Suchiu Art has contracted an excellent wood smith to custom design and hand-build a beautiful maple and cherry wood book stand made specifically for this book. If you pre-order the premier Wizard of Art book by the end of July 2024 you will receive this $130.00 gift for free. Suchiu will also sign and number it to match your book if you so desire.

If you pre-order the regular signed and numbered 1st edition book before the end of July 2024 you can also purchase the $130.00 stand for only $79.95. Suchiu will also sign and number it to match your book if you so desire.

Featured in solid wood this stand will look amazing on your coffee or end table with your collectible copy of The Wizard of Art perched proudly upon it.


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