“A brief letter of appreciation for your kind letter of April 6th and a printer’s proof of your stunning portrait of MK IX Spitfire on D-Day. I am thrilled to have it and, of course, honoured that you have seen fit to give me one of the seven proofs.”

Cliff Robertson
American Actor
Endangered Species

“The 1955 Chevy was certainly a classic car, and Gypsy Red is now hanging proudly in its place of honour in our home.”

Maureen Kempston Darkes
VP of General Motors Group
Gypsy Red 

“Just a note to thank you once again for helping us out so generously. I love the Edmund Fitzgerald.”

Dr. David Suzuki
Canadian Environmentalist
Pride Of The American Flag

“Every time I see our framed print at the office, I think of what a wonderful painting it is.”

Dr. Jane Goodall
Primatologist and Anthropologist
To Touch An Angel

“This is just a brief note to formally acknowledge the arrival of the framed print of Assumption Church and of the mass of sheets carrying a myriad of signatures. When I get back in the first week of May from Toronto and Oxford, I shall go about having the Pope informed about all these exciting – and moving – signatures. All thanks and good wishes.” 

Leonard E. Boyle 
Prefect of the Vatican Library 
Assumption Church

“I had the pleasure of being presented with one of your prints, Celebrating The New City, by Mayor Michael Hurst of Windsor. The print has become an enjoyable piece of artwork in our home.”

Dennis W. Archer
Mayor of Detroit 
Celebrating The New City

“I recall my trip to Essex with fondness and nostalgia and thank you for giving me the print Essex Station as a memento of my visit.” 

Audrey McLaughlin
Former NDP Leader of Canada
Essex Station

“On behalf of my wife Janet and myself, I would like to thank you for your generous gifts. At our Official Residence, we are fortunate in being surrounded by great paintings on loan from the National Gallery in Washington, D. C. Now Eastbound Out of Tecumseh and Heather will take their place prominently among them, and unlike those donated, will hold special meaning for us.”

James J. Blanchard
United States Ambassador to Canada
Eastbound Out Of Tecumseh

“As the artist, you have captured an element of rural Ontario life, representing a rich part of the heritage of this province. I greatly value this gesture of recognition from Mayor Hurst and yourself.” 

Bob Rae
Permanent Representative of Canada to the United States 
Hillhurst Maple Farm

“The generosity and thoughtfulness of your gift, the print Assumption Church, is greatly appreciated. Please accept my best wishes for your future endeavours.”

Jean Chrétien
Prime Minster of Canada
Assumption Church

“The Queen has commanded me to thank you for sending her the print Race of the Century. Her Majesty sends to you, the artist, her sincere gratitude, together with her good wishes. Your assurance of loyalty was much appreciated by the Queen.”

Robert Fellowes
Private Secretary to Queen Elizabeth II
Race Of The Century

“Absolutely the best Blues Brothers piece ever done…absolutely.” 

Dan Aykroyd
Actor and Comedian 
Pure Blues

“Incredible – the detail of Hawker Hurricane has not been missed.”

David Hadfield
Historic Aircraft Pilot
Reaper’s Realm

“I would recognize that horse anytime you painted it.” 

Ron Turcotte
Canadian Triple Crown Jockey